‘Black Ops 4’ Caps Framerate & Requires 50 GB Patch Update Download

Players around the world are hyped! Every one of them is ready to get their hands on a copy of ‘Black Ops 4’ and jump into yet another battle royale game. But for ‘PS4’ and ‘XBOX’ players, there’s just one teensy tiny problem. There’s a 50GB patch waiting to be downloaded.

50 GB Of Waiting

If you expected to play ‘Black Ops 4’ right off the bat on day one of the launch, bad news buddy. There’s a 50GB patch ready to be downloaded! And you can’t play the game without downloading the update patch first! A few days back, an official representative from the team behind the game announced that the game cannot function without the download patch, although you can already jump into the battle royale mode by downloading just 30% of the patch.Image result for black ops 4‘Activison’s’ support page announced that the patch is necessary to be able to play the multiplayer, zombies, and ‘Specialist Headquarters’ on ‘Xbox One’ and ‘PS4.’ But worry not mate! It’s not all bad! ‘Treyarch’ also announced that you are able to jump right into the battle royale mode by downloading just 30% (roughly 16 GB~19 GB) of the update patch! The ‘PS4’ copies games after every update patch. This means that players will have to have a minimum of 115 GB to be able to install the 50 GB patch.

Framerate Cap!

In a world where unoptimized games could potentially turn players away faster than the speed of light, ‘Treyarch’ has decided to take a smarter approach. An official support member of the team behind ‘Black Ops 4’ has decided to cap the game’s framerate at 120 FPS. The beta however, is capped on 90 FPS. We do not know whether there will be an uncapped version of ‘Black Ops 4,’ but ‘Treyarch’ did hint that they planned to create an uncapped version soon. ‘Treyarch’ added that they plan to remove any FPS caps as soon as the server stabilizes.Image result for black ops 4 screenshot

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