Update #002: New Logo!

I ought to do these update posts before the updates happen, shouldn’t I? Anyways, since it’s ‘October,’ and people are getting in the ‘Halloween’ spirit, I thought, why not update our outdated logo? And that’s what I did.

What Happened to Version 1?

Originally a sketch on an actual idea for a logo, our previous logo was deemed to be ‘too dark’ and ‘boring,’ I should say. But then again, we didn’t really have an alternative nor any actual time to design a new one, so we got stuck with version one. But after a week of going back and forth multiple logos and many mind crunching hours trying to figure out which one is best, we finally settled on our current logo. It’s bright, exciting, and definitely not boring.Hiring-a-good-logo-designing-company-to-create-your-logo-1

Version. 2?

After much contemplation and many mind-numbing hours, staring at the same three logo over and over again, I finally settled on a new logo that might end up being our website’s final logo. I do not know whether or not this might end up being our final logo for our site’s life, but, there’s one thing for sure. This logo is here to stay. Currently, we’re testing out the logo, and seeing whether it fits on our running ‘WordPress’ theme, but so far so good.

Screenshot (127)

8 thoughts on “Update #002: New Logo!

      1. Well I made the move from pink to purple… which I think most people are probably pleased about. And if all goes to plan, there’ll be a couple of collaborations coming up so watch this space. 😉

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