‘PETA’ Takes on ‘Monster Hunter: World’

And ‘PETA’s’ back at it again, picking a fight with yet another game. A few months ago they took on ‘Far Cry 5.’ No, not for animal violence, for adding the ‘fishing’ mechanic to the game. That’s right, not for animal violence, or literally anything else, but for fishing.

‘PETA’ VS ‘Monster Hunter: World’

‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)’ has picked a fight against the newest ‘Monster Hunter’ installment, ‘Monster Hunter: World.’ Questioning the nature of the game and its violent nature, ‘PETA’ has taken to social media and started a campaign to rebel against the game, which so far, proves to be futile. In order to try and change something, ‘PETA’ has taken to ‘Twitter,’ and started a movement, #MonsterLivesMatter.

“We’ve recently stumbled upon the disturbing video game, ‘Monster Hunter World.’ In this game people go around brutally killing these majestic and beautiful creatures. Killing these ‘monsters’ makes you no different then the poachers we combat daily.”

‘PETA’ Representative

Image result for monster hunter world

‘PETA’ Please

As if this whole ordeal isn’t ridiculous enough, ‘PETA’ decided to work on their own version of ‘Monster Hunter: World,’ one where the monsters hunt humans. So I guess in their eyes, animal lives matter more than human lives. I’m serious, this is getting out of control. It’s a video game. It’s not real. We’re not actually harming any monsters, let alone animals. Also, while we’re on the topic, apparently, ‘PETA’ is unaware that poaching random animals and monsters in the game can actually get killed. So instead of going ahead and stirring up some trouble with games ‘PETA,’ why don’t you guys do a little research beforehand?Image result for monster hunter worldAlso, for your information ‘PETA,’ you do realize that in the world of ‘Monster Hunter,’ humanity was literally driven to their knees, fighting for their lives against these beasts. We’re not massacring random monsters, it’s called population control, and it’s us or them.


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