Update #005: Indie Campaigns!

It’s been some time since our last update. But here we are, back at it again! You might’ve noticed quite a number of posts on this new indie game, ‘OMNO.’ Basically, every 31st day of the month, we’ll track an indie game’s progress and evaluate it.

Indie Campaigns! And What Are They?

Ever so occasionally, when browsing for games to review or play, I’ll stumble upon an indie game made by a small team of 4 ~5 people, or even better, a single man. Making a game itself is difficult as hell, but to do it alone, holy crap. And you would not believe the quality of these games. Take ‘OMNO,’ for instance. Made by ‘Jonas Manke’ from ‘Germany,’ ‘OMNO’ is a stunning low-poly platformer puzzle game that almost literally blew me away. The scenery is gorgeous, and the mechanics is absolutely amazing. I mean, look at this! Tell me that doesn’t look better than some AAA games nowadays. Heck, I even used it for a background picture.ScreenShot_Swamp2.jpg

What Exactly Does the Campaign Do?

So, to help indie developers out, I’ve decided to start a little mini-series by the name of ‘Indie Campaigns.’ Basically, every 31st day of the month, we’ll evaluate the indie game’s progress and make an article out of it. New level models? Improved mechanics? Better graphics? We’ll make an article out of it. Essentially, a timeline starting from humble beginnings to the game’s completion. Speaking of which, have you checked out our running campaign for ‘OMNO?’


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