Reaper Reviews #002: Defenders of the Ancients 2

‘DOTA 2’ and ‘League of Legends’ has been the only major ‘MOBA’ game to demolish the market. Each of the games mentioned above comes with their plus and minuses of course, but since I haven’t played ‘League of Legends’ yet, let’s focus on ‘DOTA 2!’

Toxic Teammates

It seems to be a running thing now. Every ‘Valve’-made game has a considerable amount of toxic players in the market. I don’t blame them. It is quite frustrating to carry a teammate when you’re playing in a competitive level simply because they just started playing, or are just generally bad. Some people however, just go overboard. Compared to ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ ‘DOTA 2’ has significantly more toxic players. Either that or maybe I’ve been playing with too much ‘Russians.’ I have nothing against ‘Russians,’ but being called “Cyka Blyat” the 200th time gets really old really quickly.Image result for DOTA 2If you’re one that can’t take negative criticism or more often than occasionally, really insulting and rude comments, then ‘DOTA 2’ is not your game. It’s even worse when you just started the game. Most people are rude, condescending and unwilling to teach first-timers the basic mechanics. I can tell you from first-hand experience that if, and when you do screw up, you’re going to get an earful.

Easy to Start, Impossible to Master

It’s true. ‘DOTA 2’ has really complicated mechanics. Each hero has a set of skills that one needs to take a considerable amount of time to master. To top it all off, you’ll probably need to spend close to a thousand hours to get quite “decent” or “good” at it. If you’re wondering how hard some heroes are to master, there’s a hero in ‘DOTA 2’ that has 15 skills. 15. 15 fucking skills. 15! Can you believe that? Who would take the time to learn his / her / its mechanics? Honestly! To top it all off, you won’t just be mastering one hero, on a competitive level, you’ll need to master several of them. Several as in 7, 8, or 9.

Even More Mechanics

Oh, you thought that we’re done with the impossibly difficult mechanics to master? Guess what, we’ve still got more. For any none ‘DOTA 2’ or ‘League of Legends’ players, there are in-game items you can purchase using coins that you earn from passively being in-game, or killing enemies / minions / jungle monsters. These items can enhance your stats and give you an edge in battle. Choose to buy the wrong item however, and you might just be wasting your coins. And there aren’t just one or two items. There’s dozens of them.Image result for dota 2

Even, Even More Mechanics!

Nope, we’re not done yet. Since ‘DOTA 2’ is a team-based game, an absence of a teammate can determine whether or not you win / lose. If even 1 of your enemy is overpowered, you’re dead. If one of your teammates are AFK, you’re dead. If you bought the wrong item, you’re dead. There’s just too much factors that can affect the downfall or rise of a team, and with strangers, it’s almost impossible to solely control those odds.

In Closing…

‘DOTA 2’ is the type of game that once you get into, it’s hard to give up. Even though the mechanics are almost impossible to master and it takes thousands of hours to get used to it, you might enjoy the game after you get used to, well… Everything. If you’re looking for an easy ‘MOBA’ game that’s easy to get into and master, this isn’t the game for you pal. Also Russians will scream at you constantly, so that’s that.

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