Blizzard Bans 18,000 South Korean Overwatch Players for “Toxic” Behavior

We all know how strict and tough ‘Blizzard’ is with their non-toxic online gameplay rules. So it’s no surprise to anyone when they announced yet another “anti-toxic” movement that took the form of a ban hammer on 18,000 South Korean players.

‘Blizzard’ and South Korea

‘Blizzard’ has announced recently that 18,188 players and their accounts have been penalized by for “toxic” behavior in online servers. This isn’t the first ban wave that ‘Blizzard’ has initialized and is supposedly just an update to March 2018, when they unleashed another massive ban wave. Disrupting online games in any form of griefing, trolling, cheating, account boosting, or toxic behavior comes with much harsher penalties than last year. Not only will players and their account be banned from the game, but the penalties can go as far as hefty fines and prison sentences. It’s unclear whether ‘Blizzard’ will take action on players outside of Korea but one thing’s for sure, you better not disrupt any online games when you’re in Korea.Image result for overwatch screenshotIn a surprising turn of events, it turns out that the 18,000 South Korean players have not been banned, but in fact, actioned against. Their accounts were presumably silenced, suspended or taken some form of action against.

Red Flags

It’s unclear what triggered ‘Blizzard’ to take action against some account and not others. Some users are even complaining in the official ‘Blizzard’ forums that some hackers haven’t been banned despite the hack being a few years old and supposedly outdated in it’s anti-ban functions. Bots, toxic players, hackers and account boosters alike are experiencing actions against their account all over the world. ‘Blizzard’ states that they will likely take more drastic measures against said online gameplay disrupters in the future should the numbers rise again.

My experience in playing this game have been awful. In both season 11 and season 12 my placements were just a mess, full of trolls, toxic players and people that refuse to cooperate. I have lost 200+ SR for these reasons. This endorsement feature is not changing anything. I keep reporting my team mates but I feel like I’m doing it for nothing. I am avoiding players every game since that is just more effective at the time. But it’s limited to only 2 players that I have to manually switch out. Insta-picking DPS and never switching is just plain stupid and I would really like to know why ‘Hanzo’ is still so overpowered. Also how you guys still make big mistakes like how you forced an update while people were playing competitive just makes me lose faith in the game company.

-Anonymous ‘Blizzard’ forum user

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