Git Gud (Civilization VI Edition) [Part I: Resource Management]

Strategy games are the epitome of gaming. For some, it’s a way to escape reality and live their dreams of being a world conqueror. For others, it’s a good way to exercise their battle strategies and concoct new tactics to try on the battlefield. But for the very few, strategy games provide no sense of satisfaction. It’s just… Meh. And this guide came into existence! To help the not-so-strategically-wise to overcome their fears and conquer the battlefield!

Resource Management

Resource management is the bane of many players. Some spend way too much way too early. Others spend way too little way to late in the game. Others seem to have a problem with resource collection in the first place. To prove my point, let me use a very familiar game as an example. I’m sure everyone has played ‘Civilizations’ at some point, right? It’s your typical strategy game, nothing special and complicated, a perfect example! Very early into the game, players are expected to quickly develop a city and expand their military to fend off opposing tribes and / or barbarian troops. But how can one expand a city without resources? To survive the cruel treatment of the other empires and the savagery of the barbaric troops, you’ll need to manage your troops, resources and time wisely.Image result for civilization VIUnlike other strategy games, ‘Civilization’s’ troops have a certain “upkeep” to them. “Upkeeps” are basically food resources that each troops have to consume each round to keep them commissioned. Investing too much into military will leave your city underdeveloped and your civilians starving. Investing too little into military will leave your city vulnerable to attacks. That balance is the key to your survival. See, the more troops you train, the less resources you obtain each round and ultimately, the slower your technology and city develops. And it’s not just about military! Having a lack of constant resource will leave your technological and city development sagging behind, and you don’t want that! In the next part of our ‘Git Gud’ tutorial, we’ll delve deeper into that! But for now, “how to maintain a military while gathering a sufficient amount of resource.”

The Point of Equilibrium

Don’t get me wrong, I mostly focus on military over anything else in strategy games. Who wouldn’t like to have an army the size of ‘Rome?’ Exactly, no one! But an army that size will need an immense amount of resources to maintain! How do I obtain enough resources to maintain a developing city but still keep a decent-sized military around? The answer? A reserve. In the very early start of the game, I focus on nothing but development. Essentially, in ‘Civilization VI,’ my city is nothing but a resource collector. Once we have enough resources to maintain a decent military force, don’t go ahead and train them all at once. Instead, train a battalion or two. This, I will name team ‘Alpha.’Image result for civilization VI

  • Team Alpha: Contains at most 3 battalions of troops. Team Alpha will be scattered throughout the city, near the outskirts. Their main task is to guard the city borders and hold off any enemy attacks that they might encounter.
  • Team Bravo: Team Bravo is the “reserve.” Remember those pools of resource I told you to keep safe? While Team Alpha is busy keeping the enemy at bay, your cities are busy training troops to support the defenders and help push the enemy back.
  • Team Charlie: Team Charlie is unnecessary but may save your life in extreme cases. See, most enemy troops gather in the darkness and wait for you to drop your guard before ambushing you. Team Charlie’s job is to keep a clear and constant picture of the surrounding area. A battalion or two of scouts circling your city will provide you with reliable information.

City Specialties

Each of my cities in  ‘Civilization VI’ have a certain specialty. For instance, some are specially developed to gather as much resource as possible. Others are developed for the simple purpose of being a military base. Once you have specialized your cities, keep them that way. Support your resource gathering cities with troops from your military city and support the rest of your empire with resources your resource gather city produces.

That basically ends the first part of this ‘Git Gud.’ Tune in next time for ‘Advanced Resource Management!

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