Stardew Valley is Harvest Moon but Newer, and Better

I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of ‘Harvest Moon,’ right? The game that started the farming genre is certainly a memorable one. Alas, like everything else ‘Harvest Moon,’s’ age has come to an end. But worry not, fellow farming genre enthusiasts! We have a backup plan for that!

The Re-awakening of the Farming Genre

A set of hand-me-down tools, trinkets of gold and an empty plot is all you have to start a new life. You’ve recently inherited your grand-father’s old land plot. Here, is where you’ll start your life. Start your life as a farmer. Does this remind you of a particular game? Of course it does. This was the exact plot and mechanic of ‘Harvest Moon.‘ But ‘Harvest Moon‘ isn’t the only game that succeeded in the farming genre. Introducing ‘Stardew Valley!‘ Come to think of it there isn’t much difference between the two games, now is there? ‘Stardew Valley‘ looks and feels just like ‘Harvest Moon,‘ and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maybe this is what we needed

It definitely is, and I love that it’s bringing the farming genre back. As a longtime ‘Harvest Moon‘ fan, I love that ‘Stardew Valley,‘ ‘Staxel,‘ ‘My Time at Portia,‘ and so many others exist.


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Same, But Different

Much like ‘Harvest Moon‘ you’re tasked with a variety of assignments that will lead you down the path of a farmer. Cut down weed, chop down overgrown trees, raise animals, tend to your crops, and build the farm of your dreams in this wonderful dreamland! And to top it all off, remember all those days wishing you could play ‘Harvest Moon‘ with your friends and family? Well guess what? Now, with the improvement of technology in gaming, you’ll be able to build the farm of your dreams with 1 ~ 3 of your friends! You’ll be able to do so much unimaginable things! Like explore vast, twisting caves, breathe new life into the valley and befriend the locals, and best of all, spend a relaxing afternoon fishing! All things that don’t involve unnecessary bloodshed and violence and mass genocide with no apparent reason (every action game today, ever, am I right?)

 Honestly, It’s a Work of Art

Usually, when I make these ‘game suggestions,’ I try to paint it in the best light possible. Why? Making a game is incredibly time consuming and requires an astounding amount of energy. I see some developers going to world’s ends to just finish their game and not disappoint the viewers. But with ‘Stardew Valley‘ I really feel that the game is a work of art. Honestly. I’ve played hundreds of hours of ‘Harvest Moon‘ and let me tell you something, these two masterpieces aren’t so different, and if I may be so bold as to say, ‘Stardew Valley‘ is a tad better. So if you would like to download the game and start playing as of today, Click here!

4 thoughts on “Stardew Valley is Harvest Moon but Newer, and Better

  1. I love this game and see hundreds of hours of playtime in my future. I’m hoping that the coming years continue to bring more games in the overall farming genre because I really can’t get enough.

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