CAPCOM Is Doing Something Right, And That’s Allowing A Demo for Resident Evil II

Contrary to my previous post why you shouldn’t pre-order ‘Resident Evil II,‘ I’m dedicating this post for a completely different reason. See, in a world where nobody really knows how the final game is going to turn out, pre-ordering is risky business. But if ‘CAPCOM‘ has done something right since ‘Resident Evil II‘ hit the ‘Steam‘ store, it’s to allow demos.

What is a Demo?

Starting from the very basics. What is a demo? A demo, is essentially a shortened version of a game that introduces the player to the core mechanics, game play and story of the full game. A demo is a great way for the fan and player-base to see how much they actually like the game before pre-ordering or purchasing it. Back in the day, developers pretty much always introduced a demo a week or two before their game officially launches in the store. For whatever reason, the practice has been neglected and abandoned today.

I liked it! Definitely keeping my pre-order… But I feel like part of the problem. Couldn’t resist the sweet Leon statue that comes with the collector’s edition. 😅

-‘Lightning Ellen

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More on Demos

Assume that someone wants to purchase an unreleased game, much like ‘Resident Evil II.‘ Suppose that said individual has no experience or has not played the game, because how could he? It’s unreleased after all. Suppose that said individual decides to get the game anyway. He purchases ‘Resident Evil II‘ from the ‘Steam‘ store and 3 seconds into the game, he / she already dislikes it. In fact, he / she hates it. And guess what? Now that’s $35 wasted. Imagine the trouble a “demo” could’ve saved.

For the People

Allowing the player and fan-base to play a 30-minute demo of the game really impacts it’s overall performance during the launch date. As a developer, you might want as much people hyped about your game as possible, and as a player, you might want to know everything there is to be known about a game before purchasing it. With demos, you can essentially kill two birds with one stone, and I really, genuinely don’t know why they aren’t used in the gaming industries so much any more.Image result for resident evil 2See, if I were to consider buying a game, I’d watch the trailer, read reviews, but most importantly, consider actually playing a piece of the game first because otherwise, why would I waste my money on something that I’m not sure I would like. I think I can safely say that as a gamer, if we really love a game just by playing its demo, our money is going to the game on its launch.

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