The Secret Algorithm Behind Online Gaming Gambling Sites

Online betting is a surefire way to make quick cash. Perhaps you’ve been playing a bit of ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘ and you’re wondering, “Why not double your profits and test your luck?” Turns out, after hours of digging and mathematical calculations, there’s an algorithm behind these “provably fair” betting sites.

“Provably Fair”

Most online gaming gambling sites claim that they are “provably fair.” This means that these so-called sites claim that their system is in no way rigged / biased / one-sided, although we know that that’s a lie. See, there are no specific international / domestic laws that regulate the fairness of online gaming websites, so what’s to stop them from bending the rules a little? Technically speaking, these sites are indeed fair. But wait! There’s more! See, throughout human history, we can vaguely predict the future with the events of the past, and this is precisely what these sites do. They consider all factors involved and execute a command in which the site gains money. In short, here’s how a user can participate in online gaming gambling sites without getting scammed. This system is called a “provably fair” system.

You will get an encrypted hash of the server-seed before you start gambling. Since you get it in advance, the site cannot change it later. However it is encrypted, so you cannot calculate your own roll results in advance (only afterwards if you get the un-hashed server-seed.)

Your browser will generate a random client-seed. However, you could and should adjust this client-seed before you start. This way you can make sure the site does not know your client-seed in advance.

-‘Dicesites‘ definition of “provably fair”


The Problem

“So how could online “provably fair” gambling sites cheat us? The outcome is decided before the game even rolls!” The entire “provably fair” system is based upon the fact that the past is predictable, and as a result of this, the future can be just as easily predicted. Even though you haven’t been rigged (the game changing the outcome midway / before the game even starts to benefit the site), the chances favor the site. Because the past can be so easily predicted, the site takes into account all factors such as the amount of users betting, the cost of the bet, the previous roll results, the potential roll results, anything. And with these factors, they make decisions automatically, almost always favoring the site. After all, it is a business.

The Algorithm

Although I can’t give you the exact algorithm behind these so-called “provably fair” gambling sites, because, well… Let’s face it, every site is different, I can up your chances of winning by 3x fold. Some users hypothesized that these gambling sites use some kind of algorithm similar to the ones listed below.

If “X” (money that the site earns from making the rest of the users lose a bet) > (money that users from the winning site gets) = then land on roll that makes site earn money.


If “X” (Money from side A) – “Y” (Money from Side B) = NOT negative ‘Value’; make side ‘A’ win ;otherwise; make side ‘B’ win.

Of course, every now and then, the algorithm would disregard the profit the site makes so that the consumer will be a little less suspicious of this sketchy business model.

The Solution

There are several things you could do to up your chances of winning by 2x, 3x or even 5x fold. Bear in mind, however, that these sites many users are so addicted with are indeed a gambling site and thus, no matter what, the odds will always be stacked in the site’s favour.whatever.PNGLadies and gentlemen, I present to you, The Safeguard System. The Safeguard System is a system used by many professionals and beginners alike. Say that you walked into a casino with $100. You spend the night betting and win somewhere around $50, meaning that you now have $150. The safeguard system emphasizes the current profit over potential future profit dilemma. You could bet the $150 for a chance at a larger profit, or simply pocket the $100 that you started with, and bet with the $50 that you earned. And with this, you’ll half your chances of going broke. To add to the effectiveness of this system, most online gambling sites have predictable results. Most list the outcome of the last 25 or 50 rolls and with this, comes valuable information. You can more or less vaguely predict the chances of the roll landing in your favor.

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