Blogging 101: Should You Start a YouTube Channel For Your Blog?

Starting your own ‘YouTube‘ channel can bring forth many benefits regarding your blog. It generates more traffic, builds a larger reader-base, and to top it all off, you can monetize your content in a video format! But is starting a ‘YouTube‘ channel now really the best way to spread the word about your blog?

More Views, Bigger Reader-Base

Starting your own ‘YouTube‘ channel can bring forth many benefits to your blog, mainly views. The more platform you share your content on, the more views you can accumulate, and the more views you can accumulate, the bigger your reader-base would be! ‘Google‘ states that 1.8 billion users are on ‘YouTube‘ every month, and spending time on it, scouring through thousands of videos an hour. Two Person Watching Video On LaptopTrue, starting a ‘YouTube‘ channel from scratch, with 0 help and name in the digital world is almost quite impossible. Some people take months to reach a few hundred subscribers, others, a few years. To top it all off, making videos isn’t exactly a piece of cake. For the most part, you’re going to need to capture the actual footage of your content, edit the content to your liking, tweak the upload configurations, then upload this. This process alone, can take anywhere from days, to weeks, to even months, and the time spent creating a video does not directly translate to more or less views.

Videos Are The Future

In this trending digital world of ours, people of all background are usually pressed for time. Some don’t have time to read a lengthy article on the go. Perhaps, there might be an alternative to this? How about get someone to read it for you? And hence, ‘Audiobooks‘ was born! Some people simply want to listen to someone read an article for them, but others want something more. And hence, ‘YouTube‘ came into existence! I can tell you from first-hand experience that a lot more people would rather watch an individual play and review a game in a video format, rather than read a 1000-word essay on it, because let’s be frank, that’s quite boring.

Monetize Your Videos

Unlike ‘WordPress,’ which requires a blogger to purchase a custom domain and have a primary source of traffic from one of the two North American countries to monetize your content, ‘YouTube‘ requires no such criteria to be met! ‘Google‘ states that for every 1000 view, ‘YouTube‘ will award you with around $1.00 ~ $2.00, and you can start as of today! But, of course, there’s a twist!Black Camera Recorder

Ad-pocalypse Strikes

A few months or years back, ‘YouTube‘ announced that they will be implementing a little change in the way they pay their content creators. Apparently, some advertisement companies complained that they would not like to advertise their product / service on videos that contain one of the few things listed below.

  • Sexual content that deals with nudity.
  • Words that are generally unacceptable in society’s standards.
  • Political subjects that might be deemed controversial.
  • Videos that might be deemed inappropriate with the use of alcohol.
  • Basically every video that isn’t PG 13+.

So if your video contains even one of the things listed above, then boom! You’re videos aren’t going to be monetized, which essentially means you’re making nothing from the video you spent countless hours creating. So if you’re thinking of making money off of ‘YouTube,’ then odds are you’re going to need to do some real censoring / filtering or else you’re not going to make any real money.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to turn your written articles into works of videos, then starting your own ‘YouTube‘ channel is the way to go! It isn’t easy, and videos certainly aren’t the world’s most quickest thing to create, but with time, you’ll see your channel grow just as your blog did. However, if you’re looking for a way to turn your articles into videos and earn money from it, then you’re probably going to have to bend to ‘YouTube‘s’ many, many rules that might warrant you “Non-advertiser friendly” should they be broken. So if views are your concern, and not the money, then go for it. If money is your main concern, then I advice you reconsider this action of yours.


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