Farming Simulator Gets $280,000 e-Sports Championship Tournament

When we think of an “e-Sports” tournament, we think of ‘Overwatch‘ or ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ but we rarely ever think of non-action games such as ‘Farming Simulator.‘ Well, ladies and gentlemen, this year, ‘Farming Simulator‘ is getting its very own e-Sports tournament championship.

Farming Simulator In a Nutshell

Farming Simulator‘ will allow one to live the life of a farmer. With hundreds of equipment and vehicles to choose from to tend to your crops and make your living! With a massive open world that offers you a chance to explore the wild and a 16-player multiplayer option, you can choose to develop your farm alone or with a group of friends! Image result for farming simulator 2019

$280,000 Prize Pool, 10 Tournaments

Giants Software‘ announced that they have pooled in a total of $280,000 and attracted the attention of many giant companies such as ‘Logitech‘ and ‘Intel.’ The competitive tournament will consist of 10 sub-tournaments spread across Europe, including major events such as ‘Gamescom‘ and ‘Paris Gaming Week,’ building up to the finals in 2020. The ‘Farmcon 2020.’ It is, however, still unclear what the competition would mostly consist of or what the players would have to do in order to secure a victory over other contestants.

Agriculture, like e-Sports, is about passion, precision and attention to detail. Optimal conditions for an exciting competition. That’s when we realized that that’s something that we could potentially do on a bit more professional level.

-Christian Ammann, CEO of ‘Giants Software

Image result for farming simulator 2019This is a long shot from other e-Sport games such as ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘ or ‘Overwatch‘ since the two genres are so far apart. Unlike a competitive gameplay and a “Player VS Player” mechanic that resembles the core of the game, ‘Farming Simulator‘ takes a completely different approach to e-Sports. Instead of worrying about your enemies or foes, one can simply focus on himself and work alone, without distractions, making the best he / she can to win.

All About the Audience

Not everyone wants to watch an intense match where one well-timed head-shot can change the flow of the game or where one well-built fort can change the tides of war. Instead, some simply want to watch a peaceful yet still competitive match between several players where all the core elements of an action game goes out the window. Me, personally, I don’t fancy a ‘Farming Simulator‘ game, but hey! You do you, and if a ‘Farming Simulator‘ e-Sports tournament is what you want to spend your evening watching, then go for it.Image result for farming simulator 2019

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