We Need More Mobile Games like Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter

Little known fact to fans of ‘Bethesda,’ there’s a spin-off game of the popular ‘Fallout‘ series called ‘Fallout Shelter‘ where players are tasked with the creation and expansion of a new vault. I, personally, am finding the game quite enjoyable, but the community would seem to disagree with me on this one. Especially because the game is mobile.

The Problem With Mobile Games

99% of the gaming community hates mobile games, and there’s a couple of reasons justifying this hate. Unlike PC or console games that are actually fun to play and contain genuinely enticing gameplay, most mobile games are made for the sole purpose of getting the developers money. At some point in every mobile game, it turns to a “Pay 2 Win,” which every gamer hates. Imagine it. You spent 24 hours upgrading a building and the next thing you know, some fool throws down $10 and upgrades it in a split second. Annoying isn’t it? And to top it all off, about 90% of mobile games are clad with advertisements that pop out and completely stop the user from playing for a good 30 seconds. This, itself, is quite irritating and at some point, we just decide it’s not worth the hassle.Turned-on Iphone Displaying Pokemon Go Charizard Application

Mobile Games Aren’t All Bad

I understand your frustration when you had to wait for a year only to find out that the company you adored for so long, spent a few years developing a mobile game. I understand. You waited for years, patiently anticipating a well-made PC or console game and to find out that the game you waited so patiently for is a mobile game. But not all mobile games developed by top-tier AAA companies are bad. Just take a look at ‘Bethesda‘s’ spin-off game of the popular ‘Fallout‘ series, ‘Fallout Shelter.’ Unlike ‘Blizzard,’ who spent years making ‘Diablo: Immortals,’ ‘Bethesda‘ worked on ‘Fallout Shelter‘ as a side project, which means that they did not postpone any actual major game developments.

There are a lot of decent to good mobile games, but a lot of them I see just apply dirty tricks to beg for people’s attention. While lacking at such a fundamental level.

-‘Gamespot‘ forum user, ‘R4gn4r0k

Image result for fallout new shelterThere are some mobile games that make it big. They become so popular that anyone who has held a mouse or controller in hand immediately envisions it the moment its title pops up in a conversation. ‘Pokemon GO‘ went through this phase for quite some time. ‘Clash of Clans‘ had its moments. ‘Hearthstone‘ by ‘Blizzard‘ also had its fair share of popularity. With the exception of ‘Clash of Clans,’ do you know what separates these popular mobile games from all others? Because their gameplay is actually fun.

We Need More Games Like Hearthstone

Most mobile games that make it big aren’t drawing players in with the use of “Daily Rewards” or become “Pay 2 Win” at some point. They are genuinely fun and us, gamers love to play it. So as a final word, and a message to all those mobile game developer companies, we need less “Pay 2 Win” games, and more games like ‘Hearthstone‘ or ‘Fallout Shelter.’

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