Experience Pocket Fallout For Free As Soon as Today!

Fallout 4‘ requires one hell of a beefy computer to run, not to mention the gigantic file size that takes forever to download with a slow wi-fi. But what if you could experience the thrills of ‘Fallout‘ from the convenience of your mobile phone? That’d be great, wouldn’t it? And thus, ‘Bethesda‘ decided to create ‘Fallout Shelter!’

Welcome Overseer!

As an overseer, you’re tasked with the creation and expansion of a brand new vault! Populate your vault with brand new survivors and dwellers! Expand your vault by building new rooms to keep your dwellers happy and alive, but beware! Resources are scarce in the wasteland, and the necessities of food, water and energy constantly plague the thoughts of an overseer! A lack of power means your vault can’t function well! A lack of food or water means your dwellers will be less productive and can eventually even die! But the lack of resources aren’t the only dangers in the wasteland!

Might just be the best free-to-play game out there.


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Explore the Wasteland!

Expanding your vault is all good, but sometimes spending too much time in the medical bay developing ‘Stimpaks‘ or ‘RadAway‘ just takes its toll on someone. Perhaps the power generator workers need to take a fresh breath of radioactive air! Be sure to equip your dwellers with armor and weapons that will help them survive the harsh conditions of the wasteland, and hopefully return with caps, armor and even weapons!Image result for fallout shelterThat’s not all there is to the wasteland! Time and time, your vault might fall prey to danger! ‘Rad Roach‘ infestations and raiders will periodically attack your vault, looting your resources and even killing your dwellers hence came the need for stronger vault doors, and better, upgraded rooms to stave off the baddies! Or, perhaps you prefer the offensive? Well then send off your dwellers to complete quests and earn valuable rewards!

Experience Pocket Fallout!

There’s almost no reason to not download ‘Fallout Shelter.’ For one, unlike all other ‘Fallout‘ games made by ‘Bethesda,’ ‘Fallout Shelter‘ does not require you to shell out your hard-earned cash, and secondly, ‘Fallout Shelter‘ isn’t 50 GB big or hardware demanding. This means that new or old, quick or slow, your phone can handle the game! So, you’ve got a cool, free game that isn’t pay to win, and isn’t 50 GB big or hardware demanding. There’s basically no reason to not download the game!

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