The Versatile Blogger Award 2

It seems just like a few years back when I first received the Versatile Blogger Award,’ awarded to me by a good friend of mine, NekoJonez.’ Ah right, it was a few years back. Something’s wrong with my head, but the majority of everyone I know already knows that!

Meet ‘NekoJonez!’

tests.PNGNekoJonez is a Belgium game blogger who enjoys writing about his childhood games and other more recent ones. Me, personally, I don’t care much about retro games, but to him, they’re pretty much holy grails (an exaggeration, of course). Apart from simply writing about his childhood games, NekoJonez also collects, and I quote, ” weird and obscure games that don’t get a lot of attention and/or love.” If you feel like it, why not pay him a visit? Click here!

Well then, onto the ‘Versatile Blogger Award,’ where I have to share 7 never-before-known facts to the world, and nominate an arbitrary amount of bloggers to take up the challenge.

I Play Literally Only 3 Games

Despite the hundreds and hundreds of games that I review daily in this blog, I hardly ever play them. ‘Destiny 2?’ Never have I ever before. ‘Super Smash Bros?’ Do I look like someone with a ‘Nintendo Switch?’ ‘Final Fantasy?’ Don’t even start with that. But ‘Insurgency?’ I’ve played enough to know when and when not to yell “fuck face, get over here!” But enough with games that I’ve never played, what about games that I play on an almost-regular basis?

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.’ 500-hour veteran right here! Granted, I do still suck and more often than occasionally, I hit everything but the enemy.
  2. Insurgency.’ I’m pretty much a Navy Seals, now. Probably not. Definitely not.
  3. Minecraft.’ This game has been one of long-time favorite games. I’ve played it since… What? 1.6? Eat that scrubs.

I Like to Write

No, not just the blog. Unbeknownst to most people, I actually love to write. Write not just game reviews or news, but actual narratives and novels. Granted, I haven’t yet quite finished an entire novel, but I’m getting there.ballpen-blur-close-up-461077

I Have a Very Irregular Work Schedule

You know how some people maintain a constant work schedule that gets them through the year? Unlike those… Surprisingly amazing functional humans, I have a particularly different work routine. Let me write it in simple (programmer) terms. {If “Reaper” = Motivated} then {Work 10_Hours_Straight_Without_Break}. {If “Reaper” = Unmotivated} then {do_literally_anything_else}.

I Play Games for the People

Contrary to popular believes, most people play video games for the fun of multiplayer. Take me for example. If I hadn’t found some decent and fun teammates to play with on ‘Insurgency‘ or ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,’ I probably won’t be playing the game by now. But hey! Here I am.

I Speak My Mind. Deal With It

Most of the time, I maintain my professionalism and use only the most acceptable of languages, but if I hear something I don’t like, something say… Toxic, as some people put it, you’re going to hear from me. I absolutely despise bullies, both in-game and in real life, and honestly, who wouldn’t? So if I see you being a, (sorry for the use of poor language), asshole in game, you’re going to hear from me.

Blogging Is A Passion Project

Alright, time for a little honesty. Blogging has been a passion project of mine for so long. Trust me when I say this, if blogging wasn’t a hobby of mine, I’d probably quit about 2 years ago. The numbers are quite disappointing honestly and still trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong but statistics aren’t everything, is it?Screenshot (86)

I Absolutely Love the’WordPress’ Community

Another something that has kept me blogging for years is the community. ‘WordPress‘ itself is full of passionate bloggers who support one another in times of need. I’ve met wonderful bloggers from all corners of the world and they’re all lovely people. I’d write them all down below but I’d probably miss someone and feel really, really bad.


Since this post is long enough already I’ll make this quick and brief so that you can get going to do whatever it is you’re already doing. Also, since I can’t keep track of who has actually gotten one, then think of it as a ‘Versatile Blogger Award+.’

PS: Rachel from’Double Jump‘ we’re still waiting for that play-through of ‘Outlast‘ or ‘Resident Evil 2.’ Please.

6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award 2

  1. Thank you for the nomination! It’s interesting that you point out you only play a few games regularly. In the past I never thought of that as being an option really as it didn’t match my own patterns, but then it turned out that my wife plays games that way too. It’s interesting how gaming can be an equally viable hobby to people who want to play a variety of games, or to those who want to really dig into a few titles. It’s part of why the hobby is so great – there’s something out there for everybody!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, there’s something out there for everybody. Personally, I stick with the games I play now simply because the majority of my friends also play said game on a regular basis and because I also genuinely enjoy the game. I find the idea of having around 100+ games really inconvenient as I feel compelled to finish each and every one. But again, to each their own way. Thanks for the read! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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