Best-Selling Steam Horror Game “Devotion” Receives Backlash After Calling Chinese Leader Xi-Jinping “Winnie The Pooh”

Devotion‘ is a first-person atmospheric horror game that has been the center of many debates and controversy the past few days. The game initially did well on ‘Steam‘ and sky-rocketed to the top-charts in just a matter of hours after release, attracting over 6,000 positive reviews. But, one tiny detail may have caused the game’s downfall.

About the Game

Devotion‘ is a first-person atmospheric horror game that takes place in an abandoned hotel that now houses cultist activities and members alike. In-game, you control Amanda, a girl whose father owned the hotel before disappearing mysteriously five years ago. But after years, a sudden twist of events brings her back to the hotel. A note from her father urging her to meet in hotel has her convinced that he may very well still be alive. And so off she goes to uncover her past and unravel the mystery behind her father’s disappearance. But when she does, she hoped she hadn’t.

No fighting involved, your only options are to run, hide or die. deep storyline with rich voice acting and an immersive atmosphere.

-Official ‘Devotion‘ Website


Chinese Controversy, Chinese Outrage

The cause of the outrage isn’t the game’s ties to sacrilegious material itself, it’s just one, tiny detail. As you progress in-game, you might encounter flyers / posters with mysterious ancient dialects engraved onto them. This, is where the controversy and outrage stems from.See the source imageThe poster above is supposedly insulting China’s current leader, Xi Jinping. The four characters outside of the drawing is Hokkien and spells out “Your mom is stupid.” But that itself couldn’t have caused all the outrage? Correct? Correct.

No, the red marking inside the flyer above is what’s causing all the outrage. The red stamp in the picture above more or less spells out “Xi Jinping Winnie The Pooh,” and has been the cause of all the outrage.

More on The Controversy

From “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews, Devotion has experienced over 400% drop in positive reviews (400% increase in negative reviews) and is now marked as an undesirable game to own and play. Chinese players are outraged and calls for the game to be removed from Steam since this one small detail can effectively get ‘Steam‘ completely banned in mainland China. Ever since, ‘Devotion’ and its respective products have been removed from ‘Steam‘ stores.

The controversy and outrage itself has gotten quite bad that the Chinese daily newspaper even reported this as “unacceptable.” Discussion forums regarding ‘Devotion‘ or even remotely resemble the game are banned.See the source imageChinese ‘Twitch‘ streamers who have previously played through the game have deleted their footage and clips amidst the outrage. And to make matters worst, some Chinese citizens claim that if authorities uncover about the game’s “unacceptable material included,” it might get the entire ‘Steam‘ app and its downloadable games / content banned in China. Because they can’t simply just rebel against the government, Chinese players are voicing their disapproval at the Taiwanese developers responsible for the creation of the game, ‘Red Candle.’

Red Candle & Controversy

This isn’t the first time the Taiwanese game development company, Red Candle has been the topic of many controversy. Their previous game, Detention,’ has also been the cause of controversy and outrage amidst Chinese citizens for the same reason as Devotion.’ It supposedly contained “inappropriate content” that upsets Chinese citizens mainly. Unlike ‘Devotion,’ ‘Detention‘ has not been removed from Steam but it has been experiencing the same hate and negative review-bombs by angry Chinese citizens.Capture.PNG

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