Blogging 101: Working With Trends & Fads

Working with currently trending topics and subjects can drastically boost your engagements by 200%. But which trends should you work with and which ones should you consider a “fad,” and ignore?

Trends & Fads

Bing‘ defines a trend as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” Fads, on the other hand, are quite similar to trends, but there’s just one teensy, tiny detail that seperates the two quite in a literal sense. ‘Bing‘ defines a fad as “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.”

Knowing which current topics / subjects are trends and which are fads can be very beneficial. Time is a very expensive and unobtainable currency, hence you need to manage it well. Knowing which topics that can ultimately create the most engagements for your website will allow you to properly use your time, creating posts that will attract the most views in the long-run. Fads are short-lived, trends, quite the contrary. If you were to create an article on a current fad, the post might do well, but in the long-run, might be almost unviewed. Trends, on the other hand, are viewed day and night and after months, it can still attract organic traffic.Person Using Laptop Computer on Brown Wooden Table

How to Tell Trends & Fads Apart

You can run across a trend from all over the web. For instance, you can simply check ‘Google Trends‘ and see what’s currently trending. But how do you identify a trend from a fad in just the span of several days? There are a few factors that can set a tread apart.

  1. Trends generally grow stronger each day and attract a wider variety of audience. Trends aren’t just a short-lived “craze.” They help solve problems. They provide a solution to a customer / consumer / user’s problems.
  2. Fads, on the other hand, are short-lived. They might be exclusive to some certain groups of people and will generally die out slowly. In essence, fads lose power day after day. Trends are quite the contrary.

Ways to Find Trends

As stated before, there are almost infinite ways you can come across a trending subject in the web. Maybe you saw an abundance of articles from well-known sources? Perhaps almost all your friends seem to know about it. Perhaps your blogger buddies are all writing about it? You get the point. There are so many ways to come across a trend, but can you identify a reliable source? In the blogging industry, you can’t simply just rely on “accidents” to come across a reputable source. You need a source that you can trust. A source that you can rely on.

Google Trends‘: This particular website is an excellent source for bloggers and journalists alike to identify current trends and create an article out of it. You can search for any keyword on ‘Google Trends.’ In just split seconds, you’ll be provided with statistics that might help you identify reliable trends.Capture.PNGAs depicted in the picture above, we can clearly see a general trend favouring the ‘PlayStation 4‘ (Marked in Yellow). In second comes the ‘Nintendo Switch‘ (Marked in Blue) and following that is the ‘Xbox‘ (Marked in Red). Judging by the data provided above, we can clearly see a general increase in the ‘PlayStation 4‘s’ popularity and should you choose to write an article on one of the three consoles above, then it might be beneficial to choose the ‘Play Station 4.’

Ways to Find Trends #2

Twitter‘ is a social media app, alright. But very few people know about the amazing tool called ‘Twitter Analytics.’ ‘Twitter Analytics‘ will allow you to uncover your audience’s preferred hobby, what’s currently trending world-wide, and even see never-before seen Tweet statistics!Capture1

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