About Us

Who Are We?

I’m sure everyone hates the hassle of opening multiple sites just to view bits of news or game suggestions every now and then. Now, with ‘Reaper Interactive,’ you can find everything you can ever imagine under one site! Gaming suggestions? We got you. News? You heard it here first. What about updates and events? Refer to example number 1!

One of the few bloggers out there that genuinely made me go “Wow, one person runs this? How is that possible?”

-Anonymous ‘G-mail’ e-mail

In short, ‘Reaper Interactive’ is a non-profit gaming blog that specializes in short, concise and not-so-lengthy articles optimized for our audience’s viewing pleasure! From the latest of news, to upcoming events, to game suggestions, we cover everything gaming-related in daily articles published just for you, our readers! Started in the evening of a cold August, we’ve been running strong for more than two and a half years, and we’re not planning on stopping! Of course, we’ll get into that another time.people-woman-coffee-meeting

What do We Do?

You read it! We review new and trending games. We bring the freshest of news to you first. We inform you with the newest upcoming events! That’s right! Anything gaming-related that you could possibly think of, we play a part in it. Ever so occasionally, mostly in the holiday seasons, we give out some free Steam games to our audiences! That’s right, giveaways!

One of the best sites that one could possibly stumble onto. It’s got practically everything that gamers can think of. News, suggestions, events, updates, you name it, they got it.

-Anonymous ‘Steam’ user

And as if that’s amazing enough, we sometimes get in contact with indie game developers and help them out! Are you an indie developer with a playable ‘Alpha’ version of your in-development game? Give us a call, and we’ll arrange a post or two commemorating your game! Of course, if we think it’s worthy, but I’m sure if you’re willing to go through great lengths to contact us, it probably is! Very rarely do we actually contact the developer of the indie game, but when we do, we’re committed to your work.screenshot-1271.png