Monster Hunter: World

For a long time, Monster Hunter has always been available exclusively to handhelds, with a few exceptions here and there (think Frontier Series, Tri, Freedom, etc). However, all of this will soon change, with its newest addition, named Monster Hunter: World! This time, instead of being released for handheld consoles, the game is going to be out for the Xbox, PS4, and, *insert drumroll* the PC! That’s right! Monster Hunter: World will also be released for PCs, although it will come later than the console versions. But, hey, that’s still something, isn’t it? Continue reading


The Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s latest innovation in gaming, has really taken a notice in the gaming world! But the question still lingers in people’s mind, Is the Nintendo Switch really worth the cold, hard cash? With a cost of $299, it’s the perfect bundle of joy that’s portable! The Nintendo Switch has been launched with ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild’ and ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. Continue reading

Sophie’s Curse

Hi there! Are you interested to stay overnight in a haunted house while looking over this old guy who’s currently sleeping? Yes? And you’ll have to be cranking generators all night and experience ghost-entities jumping around? Still yes? Then great! Get ready to jump into Sophie’s Curse! Continue reading

Layers of Fear

You take another drink as the canvas looms in front of you. A light flickers dimly in the corner. You’ve created countless pieces of art, but never anything like…this. Why haven’t you done this before? It seems so obvious in retrospect. Your friends, critics, business partners—soon, they’ll all see. But something’s still missing… Continue reading

Stick Fight: The Game

Now, with Stick Fight: The game, you can beat your friends senseless, do sick 360’s with your sniper rifle, summon snakes and let it shred your friends to shreds and so much more! Stick Fight: The Game is the perfect ragdoll beat ’em up game out there! Okay, that might be an exaggeration. Continue reading


Darkwood is a unique horror game with a top-down view and one hell of a scary ambient! Without quest markers, how will you fare? As nights go, the line between reality and nightmare-inducing fantasies began to merge, how will you fare into the Darkwood? Continue reading


Outlast! Huh… Where do i start? The game is an absolute combination of horror and psychologically scarring game that’ll really have you traumatized! Might we warn you that the game has some “sensitive” content and some people may find the content unpleasant. Read at your own discretion. Continue reading

Emily Wants to Play

It’s the time of spooks and candies! On October, The Reaper Corp’ will review some of the most frightening games ever made! And maybe we’ll give out digital candies. Who knows? Emily Wants to Play is a horror VR game made by Shawn Hitchcock! Dude knows how to make one hell of a horror game! Continue reading

Better Then P.U.B.G?!

You! Have you dreamed of playing Players Unknown Battle Grounds but can’t get it for whatever reason? Well we’ve got a game for you! Just like P.U.B.G, but better, you could say! Fortnight is a battle-royale massive FPS game with extremely similar mechanics of P.U.B.G! Continue reading

Final Fantasy 15

The greatest Final Fantasy game has yet to arise! Get ready to be at the center of the ultimate fantasy adventure joined by your closest friends on the road trip of a lifetime through a breathtaking open world, witness stunning landscapes and encounter larger-than-life beasts on your journey to reclaim your homeland from an unimaginable foe. Continue reading