Minecon Earth Announcements!

For anyone who missed out on Minecon Earth, we’ve compiled short and easy-to-digest compilations of all the announcements announced in Minecon Earth! From aquatic creatures to new weapons and from explorable shipwrecks to new mobs, the Aquatic Update brings a whole new ocean of updates! See what I did there? Continue reading


My Take on EA’s Battlefront II

Oh boy! EA’s Battlefront II has not launched with a good start. With the pull of the micro-transactions, people have been going bonkers over it. So, I’ve decided to write another article regarding my take on Battlefront II. Why? Because this a trendy material and will probably rake in a lot of views ,*cough* *cough*.

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EA Cancels Battlefront II’s Micro-transactions

EA just pulled Battlefront II’s micro-transactions and the general public’s reactions are hilarious. Hours before EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, the company decided to pull micro-transactions and has outraged a lot of people! By doing so, EA has also pulled the ability to buy crystals which could be used to buy loot boxes. Continue reading

Is Destiny 2’s Digital Deluxe Edition Worth It?

Blizzard’s Destiny 2 is soon to be released! But there’s one major discussion circulating the gaming community. Is Destiny 2’s Digital Deluxe Edition worth it? Is it as awesome as they say it is? Do we really want to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition? Listed below are some things that might get you to reconsider your choice! But let’s all face facts. Destiny 2’s Digital Deluxe Edition is way more awesome then the standard edition! Am i right? Continue reading

Why P.U.B.G is Going Downhill

Lately, the community of Player’s Unknown Battle Ground player’s is practically “unsatisfied,”  with the way the game is run. Why? Mostly because of the developers. But mainly because of one particular reason that’s quite severe. Many players have started ranting on social media and some, even stopped playing! Will P.U.B.G be able to fix itself soon? Or will it go down, under? Continue reading

If FPS Games Were Realistic

FPS games are arguably the most exciting games out there! You’re deployed into a battlefield, dodge bullets left and right and shoot at the enemies while bleeding out! What more could you ask for? But if FPS games were a tad bit more realistic, it wouldn’t be much fun would it? And that’s what this post is about. I’m here to show you how unrealistic FPS games actually are! Continue reading

Nintendo Switch: Another failure?

Has Nintendo Switch really taken a turn for the worst? After successfully nailing the first weeks of its sales, it looks like all the hype and anticipation has really gone down, washed away and replaced by disappointment. Was it the lack of games? The lack of support from other gaming companies? Or another unthinkable factor? Whatever it is, it’s not looking good for one of the world’s giant gaming companies, Nintendo.

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