Minecon Earth Announcements!

For anyone who missed out on Minecon Earth, we’ve compiled short and easy-to-digest compilations of all the announcements announced in Minecon Earth! From aquatic creatures to new weapons and from explorable shipwrecks to new mobs, the Aquatic Update brings a whole new ocean of updates! See what I did there? Continue reading


Pokemon Go Update!?

Pokemon GO has recently been updated by Niantic! This time, the update is spooktacular! With 5 new Generation 3 Pokemons added to the game and the foul spirits roaming around the world, the hype is real in Pokemon GO this month! Continue reading

Destiny 2 Release Date Confirmed!

Much hype has been circulating the gaming community regarding Destiny 2 and it’s release date! When will it come out? On which platform would it be released on first? How much will it cost? In this post, we’ll cover as much questions as possible! Continue reading

Pokemon Duel!

final_bstSnapshot_72278.jpgPokemon has been known for “flopping” on its mobile spin-offs. Pokemon Go, its latest mobile game, has also declined, once again convincing the world that Pokemon spin-offs may just be fads at best. But maybe, just maybe, it would be able to prove those statements wrong with its newest addition to the mobile market-Pokemon Duel. So what’re you waiting for? Get yours now at Play Store or at The App Store!
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