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Do you have a few words to say about our blog? Perhaps some criticism on our writing format? Or maybe you want a game reviewed? Whatever reason you might have for contacting us, we’ll always be here, ready to return your e-mails / direct messages as soon as humanely possible! Mind you that any e-mails associated with any of the subjects listed below will be blocked and black-listed from our receiving end.

  • Acts / messages that promote terrorism.
  • Acts / messages that promote nudity or sexual content.
  • Acts / messages that promote racist actions / segregation.
  • Death threats aimed at the authors / community of the blog.
  • An entire page of cusses and frankly inappropriate texts that no living man alive can read. Seriously, if you’re trying to insult us, at least learn to write first.
  • Spam / advertising e-mails are strictly filtered. We don’t mind a “If you have the time, can you take a look at my blog / post?” from a few close friends. A “bitch look at the shit I made” will not be accepted.
  • If you approach any of the authors with a pyramid marketing scheme we will fucking call ‘John Wick’ and have him go on a “dog-owner-seeing-his-own-dog-and-car-trashed-in-front-of-his-eyes” rampage.

videoblocks-spam-email-app-concept-on-laptop-computer-screen_rmqkp1bfg_thumbnail-full01So, if we happen to stumble across any e-mails with the subjects listed above, not only will we block said e-mail address, we’ll black-list it so that no future e-mails will reach our inbox.

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