Join The Party!

Currently, Reaper Interactive is in dire need of writers, (well not really dire, but it’ll help). You can notice by the slow publication of posts that we’re very busy indeed! And that’s why this page came to be because we need more contributors! So if you’re interested in blogging, gaming and have a lot of free time on your hands, give us a ring! Also, you gain the bragging rights! The next time your friend asked you what you did for the summer, you can tell them that you became a “specialized author that composes selective articles for an organization,” which basically translates into “a contributor for a blog.”

So Why Now?

Due to some… “unforeseen circumstances,” the Reaper Interactive team doesn’t have as much free time on their hands anymore! And thus, we’re looking for more valuable contributors to speed things up! As stated before, if you’ve got a lit of free time on your hands, and you’re interested to write for us, give us a ring (by that I mean e-mail, long-distance calls are expensive). Also, you get to meet new people! Enlarge your social circle!

Any Requirements?

Currently, the requirements of a writer/contributor are some basic things. Listed below are some of the requirements that are NOT compulsory but will really save us the trouble of teaching you the basics.

  • Experience in WordPress blogging. Basic familiarity with WordPress and how things work. We recommend you to get a little familiar with WordPress first if you haven’t done so yet before applying.
  • Familiarity with the English language. (on some occasions, we’ll look over posts and proofread them before releasing them).
  • Willing to slay Fog Giants upon request and willing to do backflips!
  • Able to chug 30 liters of beer and still walk like a functioning human being.

Listed above are just some of the basic requirements that’ll really speed things up if you’re willing to write for us, except for the last two. That, I’d really love to see.

Terms & Conditions (TOS)

If you’re thinking of writing for us, there are some terms & conditions to keep our blog “age” friendly. Listed below are some of the terms & conditions you should follow at all times, or y’know, most of the time. Failure to coop with the terms & conditions will result in a penalty, (we’ll slit your throat in your sleep or put dog poop in your coffee).

  • Inappropriate content such as sacrilegious materials, “mature” material, sensitive material and controversial contents are to be consulted with the Admins of the blog before publishing.
  • Don’t write repetitive content. If you’re not sure what’s been published, just ask an Admin and we’ll tell you whether or not the subject has been published or not yet.
  • Disrespect to your higher authorities such as an admin is usually frowned upon, (obviously).
  • An overuse of cuss words is also frowned upon. Try to minimalize the use of cuss words when writing posts.
  • Confidential material is to be kept between the blog’s personals. Leaking these confidential materials,(if there are any), will get you kicked or worse.
  • Do a backflip every 30 seconds.

So, How Do I Apply?

Applying is as easy as one, two, three! You can easily contact us through our e-mail or just fill in the contact form below! If that’s too much of a “hassle” for you, you can private message us in Discord with our tag: #0632. Or, if you do know me in real life, you can go up to me anytime, slap my phone out of my hand, and shout it in my face.